Jean-Claude Guédon

Prof., Université de Montréal


• American Field Service Exchange Student at Kenmore East Senior High School, Kenmore, N.Y., U.S.A. (1960-1).
• B. Sc. in chemistry (with distinction), Clarkson University, 1966.
• Ph. D. in history of science, University of Wisconsin-Madison (1974).
• Professor (now retired), U. de Montréal, 1973-2017 .
• Visiting Professor at Johns Hopkins University (1975), Université Louis-Pasteur (1985), University of São Paulo (2008).


• One of three laureates for the International Charles-Hélou Prize for French-speaking countries, 1996.
• “Leiter Lecturer”, U.S. National Library of Medicine and Medical Library Association, May 1998.
• COSH/COCH award in 2005 (Canadian association for computer and the humanities).

Publications and presentations

• Over one hundred publications including three books.
• Over 400 Conferences and participation to colloquia all over the world.

Main achievements

• Founder, creator, and director of Surfaces, the first Canadian scholarly electronic journal (published from 1991 to 2000).
• Co-chair of the programme committee for the annual meeting of the Internet Society (ISOC) in 1996 (Montréal), 1998 (Geneva) and 2000 (Yokohama).
• Co-President (with Ian Lancashire) of COSH-COCH (1997-…), the Canadian learned society dealing with computers in the humanities.
• Member of the steering committee for the Canadian National Site licence Project (CNSLP) and Chair of the Advisory Board of experts for the same project until 2002. CNSLP is now known as CRKN.
• One of the initial signatories of the Budapest Open Access Initiative (February 2002).
• Member of the Communication Sub-Board of the Open Society Foundations (2002-6).
• Vice-President of the Canadian Federation of the Humanities and Social Sciences (2006-8).
• Trustee of the Nexa Center for Internet and Society, Turin Politecnico (2011-present).
• Expert at the European Commission since 2008.
• Expert at ANR (France) since 2012.
• Expert for UNESCO on non-commercial Open Access, 2017-18.
• Chair, Expert Group on the future of scholarly publishing, European Commission, 2017-8

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