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Open Science: open data, open materials, open methods, and open software

2018.09.27 — 09:00-10:30


Open Science is a movement to make scientific research, its data and dissemination accessible to all levels of society. This movement considers aspects such as Open Access, Open Data, Reproducible Research and Open Software.

Each of these aspects presents discreteness that need to be evaluated and discussed by the scientific community so that guidelines are established that facilitate the dissemination of scientific information.

The great challenge is to establish effective and efficient practices that allow journals to add these demands in their editorial processes, so as not only to allow data, software and methods to be accessible, but also to encourage the community to do so.

Considering these questions, this panel has as a proposal to discuss important aspects about the advancement of research communication. Some of these aspects are placed in the SciELO indexing criteria, as is the case of referencing research materials in favor of transparency and reproducibility.


FAIR criteria, concepts and implementation; challenges for the publication of data and methods; institutional policies for open data; adoption of TOP guidelines (Transparency and Openness Promotion); software repositories; thematic areas data repositories.

How to contribute

You are invited to participate and cooperate with the SciELO 20 Years celebration with comments, testimonies, blog posts, articles, etc, related to the topic of this or other panels.


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