Éric Archambault

Founder & CEO, 1science & Science-Metrix

While performing a bibliometric contract for the European Commission, Eric realized that previous estimates largely underestimated the availability of openly accessible peer-reviewed scientific papers. We discovered that 1) OA articles were hard to find and count (numerator in the percentage), and 2) there wasn’t a database that comprised all peer-reviewed journals (denominator in the percentage). When measuring, we also noticed that the databases emphasized Western production to the detriment of the Global South, emerging countries, especially in Asia. Our work at 1science is addressing this – we aim to find as much OA as possible and to index everything peer-reviewed and academic level published in journals.

Eric Archambault is the founder and CEO of 1science and Science-Metrix. 1science facilitates the flow of knowledge and has developed a comprehensive suite of products based on a curated collection of 90 million articles published in peer-reviewed journals in all fields of academia and research, in all languages, and from all over the world.

Dr. Archambault is a vocal advocate of open access scientific publishing and 1science is dedicated to assisting institutions to source, utilize and share open access scientific literature and to help them comply with the open access mandates of government and philanthropic funding bodies.

Science-Metrix, the sister company of 1science, was founded by Eric and his business partner Grégoire Côté in 2002. It has gained international recognition in performance measurement and program evaluation services using bibliometrics, big data analytics and qualitative research techniques.

Eric is a world expert in science, technology and innovation measurement and evaluation. He graduated in 1989 in Science, technologie et société in Montréal, Canada and subsequently completed a M.Sc. in Science, Technology and Industrialization and a D.Phil. in Science and Technology Policy Studies at the Science Policy Research Unit (University of Sussex, England).

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