Jonathan Tennant

Rogue palaeontologist
Open Scholarly Communication advocate
Founder, Open Science MOOC

Main projects and roles

● Founder of the preprint server, paleorXiv (companion website).
● Founder of the Open Science MOOC.

○ Recipient of an IGDORE travel award to work on this project in Bali.
○ Awarded a Shuttleworth Flash Grant to continue my work on this.

● Drafting Committee for the Foundations for Open Scholarship Strategy Development.

○ The first version of this has now been published.

● Editor of ‘The evolving preprint landscape: Introductory report for the Knowledge Exchange working group on preprints’.
● Lead author of published review on academic, societal and economic case for Open Access and another on the future of peer review.

○ Follow up of this, The State of the Art in Peer Review, available via SocArXiv.

●Submitted a formal complaint about Elsevier and the Open Science Monitor to the EU Ombudsman.
● A freelance science writer and consultant.

○ Community Editor for PLOS Paleo.
○ Freelance author for Discover Magazine, EarthTouch and The Conversation (2014-present, with work covered by io9, Livescience, PopSci,, ArsTechnica, and Buzzfeed.
○ Author of kids book Excavate Dinosaurs and World of Dinosaurs (coming 2018).
ASAPbio Ambassador, Center for Open Science Ambassador, Mozilla Open Leadership Cohort Mentor, Figshare ambassador, Guaana Advisor (blog post), ScienceMatters scientific and technical advisor, Blockchain for Science scientific advisor, Project Aiur advisor.
○ Scientific consultant for books ‘Dinosaurs in 30 seconds‘ ‘Dinosaurium’, ‘Dinosaur Atlas’, and ‘Tallest, shortest’.
○ Co-author of 52 More Things you Should Know About Palaeontology (July, 2017)

●Founder of the MetaPaleo research project.
● Executive Editor of the OA journal Geoscience Communication (press release).
● Runner of the Open Science subreddit.
● Co-developer of the Open Research Glossary (Right to Research Coalition) (Software Carpentry).
● Co-author of the Open Science Training Handbook.
● Co-organiser of Berlin Open Science Meetup (Nature News).

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