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Workshop on the use of data from the SciELO database

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Introduction to data analyses processes

Introduction to data analyses tools in Python, including Jupyter Notebook and Pandas

Detailed examples of data analyses with Pandas, using SciELO data, including:

* Carrying out and evaluating the need for normalization;
* Descriptive statistics of data and derivatives;
* Elaboration and interpretation of plots.

12:30-14:00 Lunch break


Introduction to R and R Studio for data analysis, including examples similar to those carried out in Python

Working with data from the following sources:

* SciELO Citation Index
* Dimensions
* SCImagoJR
* Scopus

Example, in Python, of the most advanced analysis that can be done with the data extracted from SciELO


The SciELO database stores and makes available metadata and full-text records of approximately 700,000 articles from different disciplines and languages, originating from the national SciELO Network journal collections of 16 countries. The metadata records contain the data fields of the bibliographic references of the articles (title, author, journal source, date, abstract and key words) and the references of the documents cited in the articles (title, author, source, date) made available by SciELO in open access with CC-BY attribution.

At the same time, the metadata of all articles indexed in SciELO, published in the last 10 years, are also stored and made available in the database of the SciELO Citation Index on the WoS platform and the Dimensions database. Similarly, the metadata of the journal articles indexed are available in the Scopus and WoS databases when indexed by these databases.

SciELO is, therefore, a notable source of bibliometric data for the study of the scientific output of the SciELO Network countries.

The scope of this working group/workshop is to share methodologies and technologies for accessing and exploiting data from the SciELO database, highlighting the introduction to the use of data science techniques with Python as programming language, access to data with R language aiming at statistical analysis and techniques to access and use data from the SciELO Citation Index and Dimensions databases.

How to contribute

You are invited to participate and cooperate with the SciELO 20 Years celebration with comments, testimonies, blog posts, articles, etc, related to the topic of this or other working groups.


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BELLINI, D. Workshop on the use of data from the SciELO database. SciELO 20 Years Repository [online]. [viewed on 09 November 2018]. Available from: http://repository.scielo20.org/documents/article/view/141


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