In 2018, the SciELO Program will celebrate 20 years of operation, in full alignment with the advances of open science.


The SciELO Network Meeting will analyze the progress of the network of national collections, the relevance and performance of SciELO journals, and the challenges and perspectives foreseen for the next 3 to 5 years, with emphasis on the priority lines of action of the SciELO Program that are oriented to journals improvement, the management and operation of  national collections, the updating of the SciELO Publication Model and its progressive alignment with the best practices of open science scholarly communication.


The celebration of the 20 years of SciELO is a special moment to strengthen the SciELO Network, the national collections and its journals and, thus, contribute to the advancement of the globalization of scholarly communication and the open access movement in an inclusive manner, regarding the diversity of thematic areas, geographies and languages ​​of scientific research. Therefore, the SciELO 20 Anos Week is designed as a global and public forum led by the proactive participation of all national coordinators, editors and publishers of SciELO journals and everyone interested in the advancement of scholarly communication. The SciELO Network Meeting will be a decisive event for the collective construction of SciELO and relies on the proactive participation of the editors and those interested in scholarly communication.


The SciELO Network Meeting will be held through four main sessions. The first, throughout all day on September 24, will analyze and discuss, through 8 Working Groups, key topics on the future of the journals and the SciELO Program. Each group has its working framework defined by a text on the scope of the group and will be driven by a working agenda that includes the analysis and discussion of 4 to 6 themes, under the responsibility of a coordinator and with the support of a rapporteur. Participation in such groups requires prior registration.


On September 25, the meetings will be plenary sessions. In the morning, the pre-break session will address best practices of journal publishing, and, after the break, the central theme will be the updating of the SciELO Publishing Model. In the afternoon, the conclusions and recommendations of the Working Groups will be presented.