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Yesterday, today and tomorrow of SciELO Network

Languages: Portuguese, Spanish and English. Simultaneous translation to Portuguese, Spanish and English available for all participants.



09:00-10:00 The evolution of SciELO Network, current and future state Download
Abel L. Packer – Director, SciELO / FAPESP Program

10:00-10:30 SciELO Network – SWOT Analysis Download
Antonio Sánchez Pereyra – Jefe del Departamento de Bibliografía Latinoamericana, Dirección General de Bibliotecas Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM)

10:30-11:00 Coffee break

11:00-12:30 The evolution of national collections, current and future states – Argentina, Bolivia, Uruguay, Brazil, South Africa, Paraguay and Cuba

Argentina – Evolución y futuro de la colección SciELO Argentina Download
Carina Gordillo – Coordinadora, SciELO Argentina

Bolívia – SciELO Bolívia Download
Mg. Sc. Marilin Sánchez Rada – Coordinadora, SciELO Bolivia

Brasil – A Coleção SciELO Brasil aos 20 Anos Download
Abel L. Packer – Director, SciELO / FAPESP Program

Uruguai – La evolución de las colecciones nacionales, estado actual y futuro
Lic. Laura Machado – Coordinadora, SciELO Uruguay

SciELO SA: Past, Present and Future Download
Louise van Heerden – Operations Manager, SciELO South Africa

Paraguay – El ayer, hoy y mañana de la Red SciELO Download
Prof. Dr. Domingo Pizurno – Director General Instituto de Investigaciones en Ciencias de la Salud (IICS)

SciELO Cuba – el ayer, hoy y mañana de la Red SciELO Cuba Download
José Enrique Alfonso Manzanet – Coordinador, SciELO Cuba

12:30-14:00 Lunch break

14:00-15:30 The evolution of national collections, current and future states – Chile, Portugal, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, Spain and Public Health

Chile Download
Dra. Patricia Muñoz – SciELO Chile

Portugal – O ontem, hoje e amanhã da Rede SciELO Download
Dra. Cristiana Agapito – Coordenadora, SciELO Portugal

Evolución y futuro de la colección SciELO Colombia Download
Dr. Carlos Alberto Agudelo Calderon – Comité Consultivo, SciELO Colombia

Costa Rica: Historia de SciELO Costa Rica Download
Dra. Daisy Arroyo Mora – Vicerrectoría de Investigación, Universidade da Costa Rica (UCR)

Evolución y el futuro de la Colección SciELO-Ecuador Video
Martha Arízaga – Coordinadora General, SciELO Ecuador

Gestión y desarrollo de la colección SciELO-México 2006-2018
Antonio Sánchez Pereyra – Coordinador, SciELO México

SciELO España
Cristina Bojo – Coordinadora, SciELO España

SciELO Saúde Pública Download
Dra. Lilian Nassi-Calò – Coordenadora, SciELO Saúde Pública

15:30-16:00 Coffee break


Conclusions and Recommendations


The SciELO Network has been developing for 20 years as a remarkable international cooperation in scholarly communication in open access. The network consists of national collections of journals published by scientific societies, professional associations, universities and other educational institutions selected according to indexing criteria based on international standards and good practices of scientific publishing. In 2018, the network operates in 15 Ibero-American countries and South Africa. In most of these countries the SciELO collections reflect the implanting of national policies to support the advancement of research and its communication with emphasis on nationally published journals which are financed and led by governmental research funding agencies.

International cooperation is based on the common understanding that nationally produced quality journals fulfill essential functions in national scientific production systems, such as research communication with national or regional focus on the objects of study, priorities and target audiences, and the development of research disciplines and communities, particularly with regard to education and scientific communication infrastructures and capacities, and, from previously mentioned functions, to actively participate in the global flow of scientific information. SciELO journals are from different disciplines and, besides English, they publish research results in the national languages ​​of SciELO Network. SciELO also emphasizes that the ability to publish quality journals is an essential part of the ability of doing quality research.

The SciELO Network is decentralized in its governance, financing and operation. It is structured by a set of principles, objectives and common functions that make up the SciELO Program. The principles refer, firstly, to the conception of scientific knowledge as a public good, best performed by open access communication, secondly, networking to maximize contributions and earnings, and thirdly, by adopting the state of the art with adherence to standards, quality control and innovations in all the stages of research communication. The specific objectives are to actively promote the sustainable increase of editorial quality, visibility, use and impact of journals and the research they communicate. The objectives are achieved through the strengthening and development of national scientific communication infrastructures and capacities. The functions include, firstly, indexing focusing on the selectivity of quality journals and performance follow up, secondly, the storage, preservation and publication of metadata and full texts, and, thirdly, dissemination and interoperability. The methodological and technological implementation of the principles, objectives and functions of the program conform the SciELO Publishing Model.

The main purpose of the Working Group (WG) is to share the development status of the national collections of the SciELO Network, contextualized in the national science and technology system and in the national policies to support journals and to enhance the value of SciELO journals in national research evaluation systems. The WG will also discuss the progress of the national collections according to priority lines of action for the years 2019 – 2023 that is characterized by the adoption of good practices of scientific communication and alignment with research communication in open science. Finally, the WG will also address the updating of methodologies and technologies of the SciELO Publishing Model. The analyzes and debate will be led by representatives of national collections, journal editors and specialists. The group will also be attended by representatives of other national open access journal programs.

How to contribute

You are invited to participate and cooperate with the SciELO 20 Years celebration with comments, testimonies, blog posts, articles, etc, related to the topic of this or other working groups.


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